Newsletter 17/19

Every family should have received a copy of our recent Ofsted report this week. If you have not and would like a copy, please speak to the school office. We have had a visit from the County Press who are writing an article about our “Good” rating. Children were also interviewed for their views and a video “blog” will be put on their website, so please look out for these.

We were very lucky to have Caterlink in school again last week working with Years R, 1 and 2 practising their knife and fork skills. Our lunchtime staff are very good at reminding children about their manners at lunchtime and giving children an extra hand with cutting up food etc. Could you please help us by reinforcing the good practice we teach at lunchtime by:
encouraging children to be independent with the cutting up of their food, especially Year 3 and above;
eating with their mouth closed;
not dropping food onto the dining floor just because they don’t like it; and
sitting up and the right way round.
We do appreciate your support in this matter.

Please can all pupil surveys that were sent home this week be returned via the “Green Box” by Monday 21st January 2019. Thank you.

Music lessons at Summerfields are provided by Wight Music Tuition. Lessons are offered in a variety of musical instruments. Currently we have children who have violin, drum, keyboard and guitar lessons. For further details of costings and availability, please contact the school office who will then arrange for Wight Music Tuition to contact you directly.

As per our text last week, we have noticed a large increase in the traffic using the estate as a result of the Staplers one-way system. Vehicles are “cutting through” to Fairlee Road, as well as not always abiding by the 20 mile an hour speed limit around school. If your child walks to or from school alone, can you please speak to them about being extra vigilant crossing roads during this time. Thank you.

Unfortunately we have had another complaint this week from one of our neighbours as their driveway in Cook Avenue was blocked by a parent collecting their child from school. Please can we ask everyone to park considerately. Thank you.

Please can we politely remind parents, that after 3pm all children are your responsibility. If you collect your child or children from Summerfields, please do not leave them “playing” at the front of school while you collect younger siblings from Bright Sparks. This week children have been running around on the grass, jumping off the dwarf walls and making lots and lots of noise. The front of school is not an “adventure playground” and we do not want anyone hurt while jumping off the walls by the steps at the front of school or the dwarf wall by Years 5 and 6. In addition young children could easily leave school premises if not being supervised. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

When you fail, say “ I can’t do it YET” and try again!

Digress — meaning depart or wander from the main focus

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