Our visions and values

At Summerfields Primary School we believe that to succeed and to make a positive contribution children need to be taught the skills essential to support their learning now and in the future and to realise their choices can have an affect on not only themselves but those around them.


We believe that it is important that

  • Everyone enjoys learning and knows that they are a valued member of the school community. We do this by creating a secure and supportive atmosphere where everyone’s talents are recognised, appreciated and celebrated.
  • The school is part of a wider community and seeks a working partnership with parents, the local community and beyond, taking into account the diversity of the world around us.
  • Everyone has pride in the school and the environment in which we work and learn and believe they can change things for the better.



Our overriding values of SELF BELIEF, INDEPENDENCE, RESPECT AND CHALLENGE  are taught through everything that we do in school.

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