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Please look out each week for pictures of the work that children have been doing in class throughout the school.

14th July 2017


These are our senses poems about sand and water.

7th July 2017



Two weeks ago, we got on a bus and went down to the new Cecamm centre. Cecamm means Centre of Excellence for Composites, Advanced Manufacturing and Marine. When we got there, we were sent to series of 3 activities. First was ‘Marshmallow Lab’ where everyone had to try to build the tallest tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti sticks. Then they went into ‘Crack the Code’ where they had to answer questions about Space as a team. Lastly, Year 6 went into ‘Space Animation’ where they made their own mini movies out of Lego and a Kindle. All of these things were judged and the winners got prizes.

By Macey

We have been doing a project called the Fiver Challenge. You get put in groups of up to 6 people and you get given £5 for each person in the group. With your group you decide what kind of business you want to create. Then, with your money you buy items you’ll need for what you are selling (eg: cookies, ingredients) Then, in class you can decide how much to sell your products for. Next, in your group you sell them and try to make profit. Part of the money is going to our class charity ‘Layla’s trust’ and the rest is for our class to spend on a fun day for our year. It was really good fun and some groups have made lots of money.

By Hannah R, Izabella and Felicity.

On the 20th of June 2017 our class went to go visit the ASDA building site. Lots of people in our class now want to be builders and architects. We even got to go in two of the machines, also we got to go inside the building. We got told where all the different sections are going to be. As well as that we got to watch them paint a huge wall. The staff were incredibly kind. We had to wear protective armour. Over all it was a very fun and educational experience and one that we will never forget.  By Jamie and Seanna

Two Fridays ago, Great Britain and Peru Classes went to Medina to participate in the primary games. The primary games is an event where loads of primary schools from across the Isle of Wight come together and play basketball, tag rugby, cricket and handball. We all really enjoyed taking part, but it was still very tiring: we could hardly walk back up to school. We played a lot of sports but our team was the best at cricket.


Last week we went to Medina for three days, then on Thursday and Friday, everyone went to their own allocated high school. Here are some examples of the lessons pupils took part in: Italian, Maths, P.E and music. Here are some Year 6 students’ quotes about the day:

Jayden: “the lessons were amazing!”

Archy: “the people and teachers are very kind and fun to be around, also there is lots of space to have fun.”


16th June 2017


Australia class visited Pizza Express to find out about food nutrition for Healthy Eating Week.  Everyone made their own pizza and we all explored “behind the scenes” at Pizza Express.


25th May 2017


Year 2 have just finished their swimming lessons at Medina Leisure Centre. Here are some of their thoughts on what they have enjoyed and achieved.

Every Monday we went swimming at Medina Swimming Pool. When I was there I swam the whole pool lengthways. I was so proud because at the very beginning I had arm bands. At the start, I couldn’t swim on my back but now I can. At the end of the last session we had a fun time and had balls and big floats out.

I am proud of my last lesson because I learnt in Medina that I could improve to swim faster. I am proud to be so confident to be in the big pool. I have improved to not let my legs down.

I enjoyed going swimming and every day when I go swimming I practise improving. I am proud of myself because I used to go swimming to play but now I always practise.

I can swim underwater and can kick my legs. I can put my face in and I can swim on my back.

When I started swimming lessons I couldn’t swim without armbands but now I can. I can swim 10m, the whole pool.

I improved my swimming because I couldn’t swim with my head in the water. I like swimming because it is fun and I know how to swim. I am proud of my swimming because I can nearly swim on my back.

I couldn’t put my head under the water but now I can. I liked walking to swimming because I got to have a chat. I’ve improved swimming. I liked that we got dojos for being the first changed but I didn’t like that we were late for lunch especially on a hot day. We swam 10 metres.

Here we are with our certificates to show what we achieved.

Writing contributed by Charlotte, Lauren, Karlea, Jaiden, Florie, Josh and Aurelia.

19th May 2017


12th May 2017


In Reception class we have been to Forest Schools. We had a fantastic time exploring the forest and beach. Some of us even got a bit wet!

28th April 2017


On Thursday morning, Year 5 visited the Isle of Wight College’s STEM (Science, Technology, Education and Maths) Centre.  For our first session, we worked on robotics and learnt how robots can         self-program to find the shortest route between two points.  In our second session, we looked at a rig which measured distance and temperature. We investigated whether it was accurate and how we could change the programming.  We all had a good time and enjoyed our experience.

7th April 2017


In Kenya Class as part of our P.E,  we have been doing dancing with our dance teacher, Leigh .We have been learning lots of  fun dance routines. Leigh has taught us awesome dance moves and how to put our bodies into different shapes.

We took part in  a very exciting warm up. The class had to get in a circle and put our feet in the middle, and kick our legs up in the air, like a Mexican wave. It was great fun.

Leigh, also  taught us four different dances and lots of fun activities. She lets us make up our own dance routines and create some moves with a partner.  We were really impressed with some of the routines our classmates created.

Report written by Zane, Holly, Ruby, Hannah, Faith, and Alfie.


31st March 2017

In Maths, Year 3 have been playing games to practice doubling numbers.


24th March 2017

China Class visited Pan Mill Nature Reserve.

17th March 2017

India Class have been looking at Indian patterns. Here are a few of their designs.

10th March 2017

In England Class we have been reading The Blue Penguin.  We used blues and white to make icy pictures and then added our penguins.

3rd March 2017

Polly Ho-Yen’s Visit

On Tuesday 14th February, Year 6 were lucky enough to have the author from our favourite book of the year come in to talk to us about writing. Her books were ‘Boy in the Tower’ and ‘Where Monsters Lie’, but she mostly talked to us about ‘Boy in the Tower’ because that was the one we had read as a class.

She showed us how she planned for ‘Boy in the Tower’ and gave us some top tips on how to be epic authors. Most people would say that the best part of the day was when Polly Ho-Yen signed everyone’s books. I think everyone would really like to do it again.

Written by Macey 




17th February 2017

On Wednesday, Year 5 presented their class assembly to the school, friends and family. The assembly was based on a book they had been reading as part of their English topic. The book was called The Viewer and was written by Shaun Tan and Gary Crew. Our assembly was a mix of the story and some of the work we had written ourselves. We were very pleased with how it went because everyone performed confidently and remembered their cues.

Left to Rust

The city dump stretched over the drifting sand,

A vast crescent littered with the detritus of a carless people.

A grandfather clock, run -down watch, clutters the dump and dirt

Springs strewed all around, a toaster laying on the ground

A high pitched horn hidden in, the sand

A vortexes nose-dived in, the ground

A worn out coatrack, a batted hat, standing by the spray

A half-buried tea pot, a chipped lid to match.

10th February 2017

Kenya Class have been very busy out and about on a geography field trip. We travelled on a bus to get us to the car ferry. We wanted to ask the public about “Why are you on the ferry and where are you going?”. As a special treat the Captain let us all go on the Bridge!

Waiting for the bus

On the ferry

Approaching Southampton

Eating our lunch

Meeting the captain

Ringing the bell

3rd February 2017

This week, Australia Class have been learning about mass, and weighing objects using scales.

27th January 2017

On Monday 23rd January, the whole school went to Barton Primary to watch a performance of Cinderella. China Class told us their favourite bits!

20th January 2017

On Monday 16th January, Chloe Inkpen, the author and illustrator, came to Summerfields to talk about her stories. This is what India Class thought about the Zoe and Beans story “Pants on the moon”!


13th January 2017

Here are some poetry journals (pictures below) drawn by children in England class. 


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