Governors’ Newsletter July 2014

July  2014 Welcome to the end of the year Governors newsletter, Our newsletters are to offer you, the parents, an insight in to how the governors are involved in the school, and what we get up to throughout the term to monitor, support and evaluate all areas of the school to gain the best education for your child/children. Firstly, we would like to congratulate and welcome Lisa Marks to the Governing body at Summerfields. Lisa has many years’ experience as a Governor and has previously been chair of Governors at Downside. Secondly, on a sad note, we will be saying goodbye to our longest standing governor, John Littleton. John has been on the Governing Body at Summerfields for 12 years, and has been a massive support and a valued governor whose knowledge and experience will be greatly missed. We would like to wish John all the best for his future role as a Parent Governor at the Island Innovation Trust. What the Governors have been up to during the summer term:  Training: Tara Allman has been on:

  • The Governor’s role in Undertaking the Performance Management of the Head Teacher- This offers governors an overview of the current regulations and the responsibilities of the Governing Body in relation to the performance review. It also provided Tara an update on the professional standards which works alongside the setting of objectives, monitoring and reviewing the performance of the head teacher.
  • Safeguarding Children and the Ofsted Framework- This offers governors an overview of the current issues regarding safeguarding alongside an update on the requirements of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and the Ofsted Framework.

 Rob Johnston has been on:

  • Induction Training- This offers new and existing governors an opportunity to understand the increasing expectations and responsibilities that are now being placed on governing bodies and the impact and effectiveness that OFSTED expect of governing bodies on school improvements.
  • E-safety Training- This offers those governors whose role is to have a clear view about the policies that need to be in place and more importantly how to use them, to understand the risks to children and the behaviours that give rise to them.

 Debbie Pearce has been on:

  •  Induction Training- This offers new and existing governors an opportunity to understand the increasing expectations and responsibilities that are now being placed on governing bodies and the impact and effectiveness that OFSTED expect of governing bodies on school improvements.
  • SEN Briefing for Governors- September 2014 will see the biggest reform of the Special Educational Needs (SEN) system for thirty years. This briefing will offer Governors an understanding of the implications for schools, families and children. An overview of the new legislation will be provided by members of Children’s Services directly involved with SEN, which included regulations and the SEN code of practice.

 Visits: Karen Binsley-Smith has been on a visit during April, to year 2, 4 and 6. During her visit she spoke to some of the children in regards to pieces of their English, Maths and Science that they were most proud of and why. Their explanations were precise as to why they were most proud, with some being most proud of their neat handwriting, being able to use a hand writing pen for the first time, getting it right in maths to being able to relate to the characters in the story due to having the knowledge of the author Jules Verne. Karen also asked different children what they enjoyed most about school, seeing friends, the adventure playground and learning lots of new stuff! Karen felt this visit offered her an insight into how the children feel about school and about their work, both of which are important to the children’s health and well-being allowing them to learn in a safe and secure environment.  Tara Allman has recently been on 3 visits.   May Day- Tara felt that the May Day celebrations appear to be a simple series of dances, yet she felt this event demonstrated many areas of the curriculum including Maths- counting, pattern and time, PSHE- team work, self-esteem and confidence and P.E- some of the maypole dances in particular the ‘broom dance’ needed a high level of fitness.  Personal, Social, Health and Emotional (PSHE)-Tara met with Mrs Downer who is the subject leader for PSHE. Tara feels the planning is clear and it is evident that Mrs Downer is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic. It was also discussed that all staff members have the ability to be flexible in their approach to deal with subjects as they arise. Tara is confident that Summerfields PSHE policy satisfies requirements that will come into effect from September 2014, as school will have to publish on the website how PSHE is delivered across the whole school  Family Picnic & Sports Day-Tara observed how the children sat, behaved impeccably, watched the children enjoying themselves and how they encouraged each other regardless of year group or class. Tara evaluated how sports day offers more than just races, but also PSHE-team work, self-esteem and confidence, P.E- co-ordination, balance and agility. Tara concluded that sports day is very inclusive, with the involvement of the entire staff, governors, young people and wider community essential to it being successful and an enjoyable event. Debbie Pearce has been in to school to begin her role as the SEN Governor. She had an in-depth meeting with Miss Wood who is at presently the SEN leader. This is a new role to Debbie and felt the meeting has offered her a great starting point and will be making visits regularly throughout the year to monitor and support the SEN lead. Rob Johnston has been into school to do an ICT visit as he has recently been on E-safety training which offered him an insight, not just as a Governor but also as a parent and will be putting together a leaflet with the help of Mrs Wadmore, on how to keep your children protected whilst on-line. Rob was also impressed with how topics are incorporated with subjects and how ICT is covered. Notes from the chair

  • Our page on the school website should be fully working now, with a short paragraph about each Governor and our latest newsletter.
  • Sadly, this will be my last newsletter as chair as I will be resigning as from September due to personal and work commitments. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the parents, all members of staff, Miss Wood and of course all the children for letting me be part of the school. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 8 years of being part of the Summerfields community and wish it success for the future.
  • Due to 2 of the community Governors leaving this means there are 2 openings here at Summerfields. So if you know of any Aunties, Uncles, Grandmas or Granddads who would like to be part of the Summerfields Governing Body, then please ask them to contact with the school office where Mrs Keeling will pass on their information to one of the Governors.

We hope you have found this newsletter informative and helpful. Please contact us if you require more information of any of the issues raised in this newsletter. However, please remember that some of the information may be case-sensitive and confidential and we might only be able to signpost you to other providers who may be able to answer your questions. All that’s left for us to say is, we wish all the Year 6s the best of luck in their chosen secondary schools, thank all the members of staff for their hard work and dedication during this academic year and to wish you all a fantastic summer!   The Governors of Summerfields.                                

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