The Governors

The Governors

We are lucky to have an active and effective board of governors at Summerfields. Below are short biographies of our current board:

Tony Murphy – Chair of Governors

Hi, I’m Tony Murphy. I have had three very happy children pass through Summerfields Primary. I’ve been running the under 11 school football team here since 2011 and also enjoy taking assemblies as part of my role as Minister at Church on the Roundabout.

I also worked for 19 years as a science teacher at Sandown High (as it was then), so given my links to Island education and the local community, it seemed a logical step to become a school governor in September 2014.


Tara Allman – Vice Chair of Governors

I took on the role of Parent Governor in November 2013.  My daughter is currently in Year 4.  For 17 years I was in the role of HR Officer at a large island manufacturing company, in addition, my husband and I ran a small business from home.  After having my daughter in 2009 I chose to focus on family and left my career to take up my current job as Admin’ Assistant at a local Primary School.  Becoming a Governor has allowed me to volunteer my business knowledge, and I can help ensure the school’s skills and resources are used to provide the best education for ALL children at Summerfields.​


Kay Wood – Headteacher


Alan Bound – Staff Governor

Hi my name is Alan bound. I have been the site manager at Summerfield’s for the last six years .

My background is in the construction and security industries.  My role within the school has become quite diverse. Being a governor allows me to become more involved in the education and development of children.


Luke Meads – Co-opted Governor

I wanted to become a school Governor to help make a difference in my local community and make a positive contribution to the education of children.  I have a passion for Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), specifically engineering, and would like to have an influence in developing the next generation of Engineers.  I believe education is vital in an ever changing world and I want to support those educating and inspiring children.

Both my wife and mother are teachers in Primary schools, and I am aware of the challenges that teachers have. With an almost constant change in school environments (budgets, targets, curriculum etc), I want to be able to contribute to the support network for the Headteacher and their teaching team.


Helen Smith – Clerk to the Governing Body

I am an Island girl born and bred with a long history in Local Government administration, most recently with the East Riding of Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Board and the Isle of Wight Fostering Team.  I am passionate about education and training, and the opportunities it can deliver to all, especially when it comes to helping all young people achieve their potential and get the best outcomes in life.  I am happy to be back home on the Island and gaining more knowledge and training in the field of education now that my daughter attends school at Summerfields.


Roles and Responsibilities

Below is a full list of roles and responsibilities of the board of governors, along with a record of attendance at meetings.

Chair of Governors                                      Tony Murphy – Co-opted Governor

Vice Chair of Governors                           Tara Allman – Parent Governor


Terms of Office 2017-18

Surname Forename Type of Governor Appointed By Date Elected End of Office Date expired/ resigned Level of Voting Rights
ALLMAN Tara Parent Parents 28/11/2017 28/11/2021 Full GB Rights
MURPHY Tony Co-opted Governing Body 04/09/2014 04/09/2018 Full GB Rights
WOOD Kay Headteacher Ex Officio 06/01/2014 N/A Full GB Rights
BOUND Alan Staff Staff Governor 23/09/2016 23/09/2020 Full GB Rights
MEADS Luke Co-opted Governing Body 18/05/2017 17/05/2021 Full GB Rights
Co-opted Governing Body VACANCY Full GB Rights
Parent Parents VACANCY Full GB Rights
Parent Parents VACANCY Full GB Rights
Local Authority LA/ Councillor VACANCY Full GB Rights
SMITH Helen Clerk Governing Body 01/09/2016 No Voting Rights
Chair 3 Years
Vice Chair 3 years
Standard Term 4 Years
Surname Forename Type of Governor Date Elected End of Office Date expired/ resigned End Reason
VINE Melanie Staff 20/09/2012 19/09/2016 19/09/2016 Expired
WALSH Nicola Co-opted 24/04/2013 24/04/2017 24/04/2017 Expired
JOHNSTON Robert Parent 21/01/2014 21/01/2018 01/06/2017 Resigned
WALSH Nicola Co-opted 18/05/2017 17/05/2021 18/07/2017 Resigned due to study
VINE Melanie Associate Member 24/11/2016 24/11/2017 Void Voided when committees ceased
ALLMAN Tara Parent 27/11/2013 27/11/2017 Expired Re-elected
OLIVE Dan Parent 20/06/2017 20/06/2021 01/11/2017 Resigned
FOSTER Jacqueline LA (Cllr Price) 16/02/2017 15/02/2021 06/01/2018 Resigned

Governors Pecuniary Interests

Pecuniary Interests 2017-2018
Name: Directorships, partnerships and employments with businesses that provide goods or services to the school. Trusteeships and Governorships (other than Greentrees)


Any other potentially relevant interests:
Kay Wood None None Employed at the School
Tara Allman None None Child attends school as a pupil; employed at Hunnyhill Primary School
Tony Murphy None None None
Alan Bound None None Employed at the School
Luke Meads None None Wife employed at the School; Employed by GKN Aerospace

Areas of Responsibility 2017-18   (to be revised at the next Governors Meeting)

Teaching & Learning Tony Murphy Tara Allman
Finance Luke Mead
Data Tara Allman Luke Mead
Health & Safety to be reallocated
School Development Pan and Ofsted Readiness Alan Bound Tony Murphy
Safeguarding & Behaviour Tara Allman
Special Educational Needs (SEN) & Pupil Premium Alan Bound
Pay Committee to be reallocated
Headteacher’s Performance Tony Murphy Tara Allman



Governor’s attendance at Meetings 2016-17

15/09/2016 24/11/2016 16/02/2017 18/05/2017 18/07/2017 TOTAL %
Kay Wood Y Y Y Y Y 5 100
Melanie Vine (until 23/9/16) Y N/A N/A N/A N/A 1 100
Rob Johnston N Y Y N/A N/A 2 66.67
Tony Murphy Y Y Y Y Y 5 100
Tara Allman Y Y Y Y Y 5 100
Nicola Walsh Y Y Y Y Y 5 100
Alan Bound (from 23/09/16) N/A Y Y Y Y 4 100
Jacqui Foster (from 16/2/17) N/A N/A N/A Y N 1 50
Luke Meads (from 18/05/17) N/A N/A N/A Y Y 2 100
Dan Olive (from 18/07/17) N/A N/A N/A N/A Y 1 100

Committees 2016-17

Quality of Provision Committee 2016-17
29/09/2016 06/10/2016 12/01/2017 23/03/2017 22/06/2017 TOTAL %
Kay Wood Y Y Y Y N 4 80
Rob Johnston N N N N N 0 0
Tony Murphy Y Y Y Y Y 5 100
Tara Allman Y Y Y Y Y 5 100
Luke Meads (from 18/05/17) N/A N/A N/A N/A Y 1 100


Curriculum and Data Committee 2016-17
17/11/2016 02/02/2017 27/04/2016 TOTAL %
Kay Wood Y Y Y 3 100
Melanie Vine (Associate) Y Y Y 3 100
Rob Johnston N N/A N/A 0 0
Nicola Walsh N Y Y 2 66.67
Alan Bound (from 23/09/16) Y Y Y 3 100
Tony Murphy (from 2/2/17) N/A Y Y 2 100
Jacqui Foster (from 16/2/17) N/A N/A Y 1 100

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