Newsletter 03/18


The updated Home School Agreement has just been put on the school website.  This document can be found under Publications then General Information.  Please make sure you have read and understood your part of the agreement as we will be asking you to sign a copy at Parents’ Evening.  This is instead of having numerous pieces of paper “floating” about.  In future years we will only be asking parents new to the school to sign a copy as we will presume everyone else is happy.  Of course please tell us if you’re not!



On Thursday 20th September 2018 one of our children was reversed into by a car who was parked on double yellow lines!  School have continually said someone will be hurt if parents do not park considerately and appreciate young children are trying their hardest to cross the road safely.  Fortunately in this instance there was no serious or lasting injury.  Can we all take the risk that next time someone won’t be so lucky?



We have recently moved the school library and we would really appreciate any help sorting out old books, putting books on the right shelf, etc.  In  fact any help would be very much appreciated.  If you think you can spare even a short amount of time, please let the office know.  Thank you in anticipation.



We are getting a lot of reports from children and parents about the number of children playing this game.  Sadly some of the reports we are hearing are about cyber bullying connected to online play.  Can we respectfully remind you that there is an age rating on this game of 12 years and that we do have a responsibility to investigate and report any incidents of cyber bullying.  Thank you for your support in this matter.



We will be holding our first “Open Classrooms” of the year next Tuesday 25th September 2018.  If your child is in Year 1, 3 or 5 then please come along at 2.45pm to have a look around your child’s class and see what they have been up to!  Open Classrooms for Years 2, 4 and 6 will take place on Thursday 4th October 2018. 



To make the most of prime learning time, we are going to trial moving all assemblies to the afternoon.  You are still welcome to attend Monday to Thursday at 2.40pm.  Friday’s Celebration Assembly remains the same at 2.35pm.  Lunchtimes, playtimes etc will not be affected at the moment.



Just to give you lots of notice, school will finish for the summer holidays next year on Friday 19th July 2019.  Monday 22nd July 2019 and Tuesday 23rd July 2019 will be staff development days.



Please can EVERY family ensure that the pink medical forms are returned to school as soon as possible.  We do need these completed every year, for every child, even if there are no changes.  Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.



Data collection sheets will very shortly be forwarded to every family.  Please can you check that all data we hold is correct.  If any information has changed, please amend so we can update our records.  All forms should then be signed and returned, even if there are no changes.  Please can you make sure that there are at least 2 contacts, ideally 3, in case of emergency.



Just a reminder to everyone, and to inform our new parents, we are a “cashless” school.  All monies are paid via (formally known as School Money).  If you require any assistance using the system, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.  Just remember on the login drop down box to select the last option, Schoolmoney Parent Login, and not any of the other options available.  Thank you.



As ever, our After School Clubs prove to be extremely popular.  Unfortunately Year 5 and 6 football is oversubscribed, but if you don’t get a turn this term, you will be guaranteed a space after Christmas!  Cooking Club is always a real favourite for Years 1 to 6.  You may therefore have to wait a while for your turn.  If you haven’t yet returned your form, please do so as soon as possible as places are going fast.  Look out for more exciting clubs shortly.



All requests for flu vaccinations have now been collected, therefore unfortunately no more can now be accepted.  As soon as the date the vaccinations will take place is known, we will advise you accordingly.



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