Newsletter 18/16


Please remember school is CLOSED to pupils next Friday 5th February 2016.



School takes injuries at school very seriously.  If your child has an injury at school a red slip will always be completed and given to your child to bring home.  Unfortunately we are aware that these forms do not always make it home, or arrive in a pile at the end of term!  Therefore in the future if your child has an injury to their head, a text will be sent to inform you.  If the injury is more serious, then of course as always, we will contact you by phone.  Our First Aiders are trained to assess children following a head injury.  If they are not entirely satisfied that the child is ok, they will always seek further assistance.



The Friends of Summerfields are holding a Reception and Key Stage 1 disco next Thursday 4th February 2016, from 6.00pm-7.00pm and a Key Stage 2 disco from 7.15pm-8.15pm.  The cost is £1.00 per child payable on the night.  Children in the Reception and Key Stage 1 disco MUST be accompanied by a responsible adult, however children in Key Stage 2 can be left.  If you are able to help out at either of the discos, please see the office.  Without your help these fun events cannot take place.



On Tuesdays from 4.30pm “Cycle Speedway” is held at Smallbrook Stadium, Ryde.  Kids’ coaching is from 4.30pm with kids’ races from 5.00pm.  The cost of coaching is free and just £1.00 for races.  Come along and race on an enclosed, car free circuit.  All ages and abilities welcome.  For full details contact



Mr Carr from Wight Music Tuition teaches guitar here at Summerfields.  If your child would like to learn to play the guitar he has some space in a new class he is hoping to start.  Please see the office for further details.



Please can we respectfully remind ALL parents not to park on double yellow lines.  Atkinson Drive was nearly impossible to drive down the other day as parents/carers had parked on double yellow lines on both sides of the road.  We do have a lot of elderly neighbours near school, if they, or school,  had needed an ambulance, then it would not have been able to get through.  Please park considerately not only for the safety of your children but also for the residents that live close to school.  Please also remember to respect their property by not parking over their drives as they are entitled to access at all times.



School is holding a “mufti day” in aid of the Earl Mountbatten Hospice on the last day of term, Friday 12th February 2016.  Children can come to school in sensible play clothes and pay £1.00 for the privilege!  Remember to send a coat as they still go out to play.



Please remember only GREY socks should be worn at school, for both boys and girls.  White socks are only allowed to be worn by girls with their Summer uniform.  School shoes should be black and not “trainer” type with white or coloured soles.  Girls can also wear plain black boots.



Parents’ evenings are due to take place on Tuesday 9th February 2016 and Thursday 11th February 2016.  A letter was sent home this week to every family regarding the arrangements for these evenings.

We would like to encourage as many families as possible to attend these important meetings.  Please remember that due to the number of children in each class, there are only enough slots for one per child—not one per night or one per parent.  While we understand that this can be very difficult for split families, please speak to the office who will pass on any requests to your child’s teacher for alternative convenient arrangements to be made for you to see them.  Please also remember that as these meetings take place in the school hall, if you do have to bring your children with you can you ensure that they sit quietly.  If they do not, please do not be upset if they are asked to be quiet by members of staff trying to talk to other parents.



School has recently written a policy entitled Parental Use of Social Networking and Internet Sites.  This draft document is currently, or will be very shortly, on the school’s website.  We would be most grateful if you could take the time to read this important information and feedback to school on whether you consider the document to be fair to the pupils, staff and everyone associated with Summerfields Primary School.  Please forward any comments via the school office.  Thank you.



The word of the week is “precarious”.



Challenge—Never settle with your first attempt —improve, improve and improve again!



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