Newsletter 9/14


Please can we remind parents that if your child is unwell and unable to come to school, please telephone the office from 8.30am but by 9.15am at the latest on 525085.  We are finding that every day we are spending a lot  of time  ringing around to find out why children are not in school.  On their return, please ensure that a yellow slip is completed.  These are available in the lobby.  Thank you.



On Friday 5th December 2014 from 11am to 3pm the Footprint Trust are holding a free Energy Action event  at the Riverside Centre, Newport.  Local Island organisations will be available to advise you on energy debt, insulation and boiler grants, free home energy visits and solar energy.  For more details contact the Footprint Trust on 822282 or email



You may now be aware that school has purchased new laptop computers and a number of iPads.  We therefore have a surplus of netbooks which school purchased some time ago.  The cost to purchase one from school would be approximately £20.00.  We do have some with a couple of keys missing and the cost of these would be reduced.  If you are interested in purchasing one, please ask at the office for further details.



Year 5 assembly is this Thursday 20th November 2014 and Year 4 is Thursday 27th November 2014.  Both assemblies are at 2.50pm.



Unfortunately parents are still coming into school complaining about the way cars are parking outside school.  HJ10 YWM and HW64 GPW keep parking on the corner of Cook Avenue, where the dropped kerb is, which is the point children and adults are supposed to cross the road safely.  PLEASE, PLEASE do not park over the dropped kerb or on double yellow lines.  Children and adults cannot see round cars to safely cross the road.  Please can we also remind all parents NOT to park in the staff car park UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES —it is very dangerous.



Please can all entries for the “Red November” art competition be in school by Friday 21st November 2014, which will be judged by Tracey Dove from the Isle of Wight Zoo.  To enter you can draw or paint a picture of an endangered animal and write a short caption.  Entries will be split into the following categories and there will be a prize for each category – Reception, Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2), Key Stage 2 lower (Years 3 and 4) and Key Stage 2 higher (Years 5 and 6). Please can ALL entries be children’s own work  and have their name and class on the back.



Build a den!  You will need branches, twigs, leaves and mud, all of which are generously provided by nature for free!  Choose a dry, flat spot for the most solid den and never build with sharp objects.  It could help to start by leaning sticks against a low tree branch like a wig-wam.  Only use things you find on the ground, don’t damage any trees or plants by cutting them down!



This week’s newsletter has been recorded by Louis and Annabel and can be found here.



The word of the week is impromptu.



Taking orders—Let your teachers see that you can do as you are told!


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